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December 04, 2011


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Ah, the color and other beauty of Spring - in any hemisphere! Up here, it is in May that our azaleas bloom, and the lovely colors of white, pink, yellow and so on. THe look is of warmth, a warm and sunny day, every day we hope! Enjoy the warmth and week!

The play of dark and light is fabulous!


Shadows above and shadows below,
Shadows that blaze and shadows that glow;
Shadows outside and shadows indoors,
Shadows on trees and shadows on floors;
Everywhere shadows calling my name,
Everywhere shadows no one can tame.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Pretty! I love their papery, raggedy edges. It's like a beautiful wedding dress.

What beautiful flowers....

Love the shadows and highlights on the flowers.

very pretty .. thanks for sharing.

They're so lovely Sam! Are they from your garden? You guys sure have been having some odd weather of late. Just enjoy the cool while it lasts, because as you know it will not last long :) xo

they are gorgeous. they look fabricy, the description by ana b was perfect. I looove a good storm. makes indoors soo cozy!

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