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September 11, 2011


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thank you Sam.

we certainly will never forget this event. the emotion that it stirred in our hearts and minds. blessings~robin.

Certainly 9/11 is a day none of us will ever forget and it is not only time to remember all those who lost their lives that day, but their families as well. And maybe it is also a day to focus on the beauty of our world with hope we never have another nightmare. Lovely post and shadows for the day and a lovely tribute as well!


I like your post Sam. It is hard to formulate words on such an event and I know what you mean about how that feels. It is important to remember those who died and all those who have died since as a result of it. As far as how I feel personally,I was saying to Andy today that from that day on there has been this sense of fear underlying everything. It is not necessarily at the front of my mind always but it is always there. I was listening to a phone in programme on radio 4 today and a man commented on how our freedom has been slowy eroding since that day in terms of increased security which of course comes from increased fear. But at the same time you see people in New York with the current increased threat not allowing it to change how they live their lives and I think that is important to see and to use as an example.

A moving, thoughtful post. The world changed for all of us that day.

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful comments.

I enjoyed seeing your shadow shot. This is new post for me.

I love your thoughtful post Sam! I also wanted to write something about 9/11 but couldn't put into words what I was feeling. I remember the event clearly like it happened only yesterday. I was working a night-shift in a nursing home when it happened and my co-worker & I (there were only the 2 of us on shift) were glued to the television watching the live coverage and couldn't believe what we were seeing. Some of the residents were sitting with us. One of those residents was a lady called Vera who was once a brilliant piano player and music teacher. Vera had dementia and could no longer remember how to play the piano. Vera would bash at the keys in frustration day after day on the piano in the corner of the living room. While we were all glued to the TV, Vera walked over to the piano and started playing the saddest song you've ever heard. Perfectly. The event triggered something so deep inside Vera that a part of her memory that was lost had returned briefly. We turned the volume down on the TV and continued watching the news coverage while listening to Vera's sad song and together we all cried. Cried for the lives lost, for the friends and families of the lives lost and we cried for ourselves because we were scared and nothing felt safe anymore. It felt like the beginning of the end of the world. So yes, while we live far away from where the event took place it certainly did affect everybody around the world.

Sorry! That sure was a long-winded comment! I hope you're enjoying your weekend Sam! xo

Dear Tracy, thank you so much for your comment here - that is a deeply moving personal story of your memories of the events that day.

As you show, the Sydney harbour Bridge is a visual symbol of your lovely city, a symbol of the might of a people who built it together with pride. To not see it tower overhead would be a profound loss.

As with the the World Trade Center, losing some or all of such an icon does hurt, it represents a void. But before the resolve to begin anew is made, we all had to face our loss - not just in property and life, but of our confidence in being able to freely move ahead.

Not to mention the boiling anger after the shock and grief. We are all relieved that no one was steeped in such anger for long so that we could agree as a nation to come together, even if for only a little while to show ourselves (perhaps the world) that we are one as a free people that will not stand to lose that freedom...

The events of that 11 September were terrible in every way. The Harbour Bridge is a wonderful symbol that by its standing proudly, a free people stand proud alongside. Thank you for your thoughts, thank you for your dedication the loss we had and continue to feel...

Very true Ralph - thank you for your insightful words here.

A very caring post with thoughtful responses. Tracy's story is profound beyond words.

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