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August 28, 2011


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That's lovely!

My shadow, post, have a blessed Sunday!

Nice composition.

Great ShadowShot! How I've missed seeing your lovely captures. Have a great weekend.

ps-Did you ever go over to visit Lulu, the lady who looks like a model for many of your paintings?? Her blog is Bogart Handsome Devil.

Swans are elegant birds, although I can't apply the same adjective to cygnets!


Shadows of onyx, shadows of grey,
Shadows to chase my doldrums away;
Shadows each morning, shadows at night,
Shadows, O shadows, you’re my delight!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

That's a beautiful shot...I want to be there...on the grass...on a picnic rug...just sitting and watching...

That's so sweet! I love how you captured the paperbark trees framing the swans! What a lovely life they know, just swannin' around like they do :)

Hope you have a super week Sam! xo

Very nice photo.


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