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August 26, 2011


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I've just gotten re-hooked on mad men again too :) I love the BR collection but I wish they had some classic Betty Draper-style dresses! I love her wardrobe the most!

Oh yes! You're so right Kate - I love Betty's day dresses. The big full skirts and the fabrics are gorgeous! She also has some lovely pieces she wears in the evenings - these all seem very Joan inspired, don't they?

I have no idea what mad men is but it looks good. I do however remember Leif Garret!

High five Sarah! :0) Leif was actually a bit before my time but I remember girls in the years above me at school fainting at the very mention of his name!

Soooooo excited about this collection!
Love Mad Men!


Mad Love <3

i can't wear mad men style clothes but i sure love looking at them :)

I thought I'd come to terms with the Mad Men absence, but these images have reignited my longing for new episodes. Sigh...

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