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August 07, 2011


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I hope Cleo does very well with her philosophy studies. I'm sure she will as she looks very clever! It was so funny reading about your misbehaving fringe! I don't think any of us are ever happy with the type of hair we have. Most people I know who have lovely wavy or curly hair wish they had straight hair. I have super fine straight hair that I can't do anything with and would kill for thicker hair of waves & curls! I'll glady swap my boring bangs for some of your waves Sam! xo

she's so pretty! i have tried not having a fringe but i just don't feel like myself.

She looks cuuute. I can say that about an illustration right?!

So gorgeous, darling!


Sam... Cleo is LOVELY and you have me laughing at your fringe experience. My hair is naturally wavy so I very much know what you mean... every morning I tame them with the blow-dryer and then I battle against the elements so that they don't frizz up on me!♥

I have a similar dilemma! I learned that bangs (showing my nationality there) would never really work on me my sophomore year of high school (15-ish). They curl in all sorts of odd directions and would make a reasonable addition to a costume of some sort (clown?) I'm sure, but don't do well in everyday life. We can be bang-less together, Sam :) -- PS I hear there are festivities on the 26th for various birthdays -- I hope you can join us!!! :)

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