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July 10, 2011


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I love this illustration! There's a mix of something cute and evil with cats and mouse holes. I guess I watched too many Tom & Jerry cartoons as a kid :)

Oh look at Adam peering in! This reminds me of sitting in a metro station in Munich and seeing three mice come out of their holes and sniff around the vending machine. Adam would have a field day there.

Wow what a BEAUTIFUL blog you have here. And your illustrations are wonderful, truly. I've just found your blog as I've just started my own :)

Hello, Adam!!

He's such a curious cutie!! Can't wait to get him on my wall!!

Sam, Adam is adorable and your new delivery sounds highly intriguing! Can't wait to see what it is... ♥

eeeeek! So Precious! love peekaboo kitties! Adam is charming.

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