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June 17, 2011


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Very, very cool!

Re Christina H... well, she might be a tad too full figured, but I'd much prefer that to a stick and let's face it, she looks rocking. It makes my fat days feel sooo much better lol. In truth, Christina Hendricks and I share a waist and hip measurement (I'm 2 inches smaller in the bust) - I think they really sculpt her a lot to play up her figure.

Such imaginative shapes and colors! Thank you for sharing!

We're playing comment back and forth!

I had read before previously that they make all her dresses skin tight so when she's not filming she feels uncomfortable sitting around in the dresses. Christina is also put in authentic vintage underwear for the show. The other girls get replica underwear as they don't need as much, how shall I put it, shifting?

Absolutely amazing work!
These are so gorgeous!


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