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June 19, 2011


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They're beautiful Sam! I just spotted Flora on your etsy shop yesterday... wonderful to read the inspiration behind her! Also, I live in the city of Pomona here in California. I didn't grow up here, but when we moved some years back I researched the name and found out about the Goddess also. This was once primary a farm town once so that's where the inspiration came from I think. Wishing you a great weekend!

These are gorgeous!! And I never knew that about lilies before.. I don't usually buy fresh flowers, but I'm definitely going to make sure I never get those now!

eeek! i love seeing your new drawings so much.
these are beauties.

A lovely winter walk can work wonders for the soul. :)

These ladies you've drawn are delightful ... and I had no idea lillies and cats don't mix!

I hadn't heard of Pomona either-as a Goddess anyway. You have portrayed both Goddesses beautifully. I don't buy Lilies anymore either for that reason. Someone told me that if you take the stamens out it is ok but I don't risk it.
Do you know about antifreeze? You may not need it much where you are maybe. It is in screen wash that I use for my car. Cats are very attracted to it apparently and it is really dangerous. I am very careful with that too!

Gosh Gabbi! How lovely that you live there - yes, it must have had to do with the orchards and farms that were there originally. A lovely week to you too!

Thank you so much Kate! I was very surprised and shocked to hear that about lilies and pussy cats too - I think it's imporatant to spread the word!

Thank you Kathleen and Tracey - much appreciated!!! XO

Thank you Sarah about the heads up on anti-freeze and pussy cats! I haven't heard that - good to know! I too have heard that detail about lilies but no, I wouldn't risk it either!

I love these new drawings Sam! You've been a busy little bee over your holidays! I had no idea about lily poisoning and cats. Wow! My old cat passed away a few years ago from kidney failure and I was never able to determine what caused it. I'm sure it wasn't lillies though as I never had those around. There must be so many things that cause harm to our pets that we're just not aware of. It's all a bit scary really.

I hope you have a great week ahead and that you enjoyed your visit to the art gallery today :) xo

Hello Friend! Love Flora, I kind of want some sort of flowers in my hair for my wedding but I think I might be too old LOL! I had no idea where the origin for Pomona was from. In Southern California there is a town called Pomona. It makes sense because that area is indeed full of orchards and botanical gardens. Hope you are well!

Your drawings are very lovely and charming. Your imagery is fascinating and intellectual. I learned a great deal about Roman goddesses today. Cool stuff.

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