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May 30, 2011


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Lovely walk & pics, Sam!
yes, I can see the mustache on the door!
It's always nice to see some tropical palms growing in the neighborhood!


I always love seeing your photos!!
I think those flower photos are quite beautiful...good job!!:)
It looks sooo beautiful and interesting where you live. And I am in LOVE with those lorikeet birds you speak of. We don't have really colorful birds where we live. I would FLIP if I seen such a lovely specimen.
I hope you are having a splendid week!

I agree. Some flowers are hard to take pictures of. You did a great job.

Your photographs are glorious. Those houses you've captured are stunning ... I would definitely happily live in any one of those! :)

Awh I love that road, I always look at those houses when I drive along it (or rather... crawl?).

Great photos! I am so envious of seeing lorikeets in your backyard!

Isn't it odd when certain flowers just don't turn out in photos? I never can figure it out. Anyway, your camellia photos look beautiful.

Oddly enough it's been raining in London as of late. Sunny today, but yesterday was miserable. I'm sure we're just not destined to have an actual Summer. I guess we have a reputation to live up to for tourists...I just need a fog machine and a Victorian suit.

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