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February 11, 2011


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Happy Weekend to You, Sam!!!

Those pictures are so GORGEOUS! i think you should totally frame them. i can smell them from Canada. ;)

i will check out that kinda looks freaky..hahaha.

Take Care <3

Awwwww. Poor Mr W. Hahaha. I love how they made him a burly, emo French guy in a black turtleneck. Thanks for that link, Sam.

Thank you Kathleen - My long suffering boyfriend was very patient while I was taking those flower shots!

Ana. B. - that's so cool you watched it! Glad you enjoyed it - I think it's my favourite ad ever! It's hilarious! :0)

Oh thank you so much for posting the link to that film! That's priceless! I had a good belly laugh! And your flower photos are adorable Sam! I hope you've enjoyed milder temps this weekend. You Sydney folk have had a rough time of it with the heat this year! xo

I watched it twice, as once I realized HE was the wind, I wanted to see him mess up hair and break the umbrella and toss the plastic bottles. Great commercial! Thanks for sharing!

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