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January 20, 2011


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aw, quite sad looking~
...usually i would leave a note for those dog owners who leave their dogs in the car, especially in hot summer days!
Sam, I saw Oprah in your country yesterday & thought of you!

I love his work Sam! Reminds me of our doggy Rascal who we had for over 11 years when growing up... he loved car rides... despite the necessary occasional parking.

Wishes for a great weekend to you and yours!xoxo

i love this!!! so much! so creative and so fun and i think we have all seen a lot of dogs in cars so this is funny!

p.s. thanks so much for your sweet comment. you understand the kitty love -- totally.

Love it - especially the picture with the reflection.

i just adore these photos!!! poochies are so very expressive! these are just gorgeous.

i did a blog post when i first started and it's with dogs hanging their heads out car windows and loving's pretty funny..hahaa..i'll try and remember to give you the link sometime.

Love these! Such a great idea for series. I'm forever amazed at what people come up with. I would never have thought of that! I can't even pick a fave because I adore them all!

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