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January 03, 2011


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happy new year sam! i always think it sounds cute when cats sneeze - now i know why.

You always have the most amazing posts... I adore your new pink wash cloth illustration. He's so cute and of course he reminds me of my George. Also, I didn't know about the cat superstitions! You realize you just fed my obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to all things good an bad luck! Which I really do LOVE of course, especially since I guess my gray haired George is good luck?! That's so neat and it totally makes sense... he's been a little ray of furry sunshine since first meet. Lots of love and wishes for a great new week to you too dear Sam! ♡

Aww... So adorable! I consider all cats lucky! Happy New Year, dear!

heee...i love denis and the title of this piece is too purrfect!! you are amazing.

i have two b&w kitties so i know all too well their magical-ness and luck. ;)

i hope you had an amzing christmas & new years...i apologize for my lack of communication, i've been away and had a great computer break! soon..

this american had no idea! guess i'm lucky to have found out :)

I like your latest drawing Sam! He's a cutie! Interesting cat trivia. Come to think of it, I never noticed my cat from years ago washing behind his ears. And that was when we were experiencing drought conditions. So there you go! Hope you're having a lovely week Sam!

"This is Denis and he has a Hot Pink Wash Cloth" Love it! I just want to give Denis a big hug. Your titles are always so creative.

I hope you've had a lovely holiday season, and I wish you the most fantastic 2011! XO, Marsi

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