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January 09, 2011


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what a cute cherub and the pattern of shadows are lovely........

Terrific shadow shot for the day, Sam! I'm so glad you had such a great time in Melbourne! Have a great week ahead!


How nice to see this bit of Melbourne!

Perhaps this waterfowl is doing a double-take, looking at something that defies logic (to a duck, that is :) These gardens have to be beautiful, as someone that designed the place with water and statuary. A lovely Oz capture, as usual...

Absolutely lovely photo, darling!


Such a lovely photo Sam! The poor turtle looks like he's straining from the pressure! And yes the news of the brown snakes in flooded waters is awful. I cannot begin to imagine what those poor people are going through. I have to say that a few interviews I've seen with the folk in the flooded areas have really surprised me. They appear to be in quite good spirits! Gosh, I'd be an absolute mess and unable to manage to string two words together for an interview with all the blubbering I'd be doing. The strengths of those communites is impressive.

Are you still on holidays? I return to work on Wednesday. Aaarrrgh! Enjoy the rest of the weekend Sam xo

Ohhhhhhhhhhh wonderful. Like something from the novel/or movie, Mystic Garden!

Mine this week is a heron casting its shadow near the marina.

Here's the direct link

Have a great Sunday.

He's lovely Sam! Imagine having something that gorgeous in your garden... wishing you and yours a wonderful new week!

classic Beauty!
Have a lovely new week darling!!

Oh hahaha the cherub looks like he's got a Zorro mask on!

I love little cherubs, the fact it's sitting on a funny turtles makes magic!!!

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