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January 13, 2011


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Priceless facial expression aren't they Sam!
Oh' those cute lips!!


too cool!! you must just ADORE These...soo up your alley. I love the purses lips..heehee. i just tried doing it. ;)

Love those images!

Thanks so much for your sweet messages on my blog Sam. It means so much! I was due back at work on Wednesday and time-off has been extended. Wish it was under happier circumstances. Where I live is ok though and places that my family are scattered around Brisbane are ok. Lots of great community spirit happening around the place and everyone is helping out those in need. I've been voluteering with the clean-ups and boy is it stinky! None of us were prepared for how putrid the water was going to be. I've never been so grateful for showers in all my life! So all is ok. Food supplies are an issue but it's not something I'm going to stress about until I really need to. Can stretch out what I have on hand for a good week. Easy peasy. I'm truly one of the lucky Qlders compared to most :) xo

Gorgeous! I love learning about the artists that inspire you Sam... hope the weather cools down a bit soon! ♥

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