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January 02, 2011


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Great shadow shots and what a beautiful building!! Hope you're not being effected by the flooding we've been reading about!! Wishing you and your family a really wonderful new year filled with love and laughter and tons of photo ops!!! Thank you for your visits/comments!! They are so much appreciated! Enjoy!


These old buildings are quite beautiful! It seems amazing that the well-to-do in those days wanted nothing to do with a working class neighborhood. How times change the industrial places are now desired...

HappyNBew Year to you!

It is a beautiful building, a reminder of a time when form was as important as function.

A lovely building Sam! It's quite fancy for a police station if that's what it is used for!

You asked if my island is remote due to no people in my photos? It is fairly remote but I also try to avoid having people in my shots. So often I wait until they've walked past or I'll move to where nobody is. I'm not sure why I do that. I do that wherever I happen to be taking photos. The island or in the city. The city can be kind of tricky to avoid people though!

I hope the new year is being kind to you so far and you're still enjoying your break! Lots of drawing time! You must be loving that! xo

Super shadow shots - and again, lovely reminders of our wonderful holiday in September 2009!

Happy 2011 dear Sam! Adore your shadow shots and seeing the gorgeous architecture of your city through your posts... sending lots of love your way and wishes for an amazing New Year. ♥

Love the ShadowShots of such cool arcitecture! A happy and prosperous new year to you Samantha!!

Fancy buildings in a fancy sunshine, what can I ask for more, Sam?


Hope you had a great holidays. Ha! you still have Monday holiday? Unfair...

Hugs for the brand new decade.

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