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January 17, 2011


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Another beautiful Piece Sam!
Love her floral print & her dark painted nails!
Great new week to you as well~


I think she works in a chemistry lab an plays the piano, also she has some money dificulties but she doesn't want to sell her jewels.

Haha! It does sound fun. As does your weekend if you can't remember it! I love Adelaide. The expression on her face is really very sweet! Happy new week to you Sam! xo

Thank you Lenore and Tracy! Much appreciated! Diana - I like that life you've built for her there although it does sound a little more gritty and tough than the one I've made for her!

oooh, I love her! very 1930's stylin!



pretty lady! Awesome job on the hands!!!
and i want what she's wearing. looks so cozy and oh so beautiful

Omgosh Sam! She's GORGEOUS... the hair, the face the expression on it and the attire. Such elegance... and the name is perfect!

She's beautiful!!!!!!!!

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