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November 21, 2010


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Oh, I love your sunshine, blue skies, green hedges, the jacaranda and wonderful shadows!! Can you tell I'm already tired of winter????? Hope you're enjoying a great weekend, Sam!!


The jacarandas are beautiful anytime but you're right, against the blue they are at their best.

That is a lovely neighborhood! Beautifully manicured in shrub and lawn, the views of the water are stunning, too. Too rich for me to live there, I will just admire this wonderful place!

i agree about the jacarandas!! so gorgeous!! i couldn't resist putting pics of a few on my blog, too!! :)

what a lovely shot!

Green Bottle Shadows

Oh that is just so perfect and clean cut and sunny! It has been grey all day today- I took some photos this morning but they were grey day photos. I love the brightness in yours!

Oooh how lovely! The jacarandas sure do look spectacular against a blue sky! I've not heard of Point Piper but it does sound swish! I always enjoy strolling around swanky neighbourhoods dreaming of owning one of the glorious mansions. And then walking away depressed because it's only a dream...

Thanks for asking how the BrisStyle market went. I didn't have a stall there but as far as I could tell all the participating members did quite well. One day I may set up a stall at one of the BrisStyle events but markets look like a lot of hard work to me! I think I much prefer to just soak up the atomosphere as a shopper :)

Hope you've had a lovely weekend Sam and the week ahead treats you well! xo

Oh how lovely! I don't believe there's a lot of jacarandas in NZ but I could be wrong. I also like to wander around in the more rarified suburbs. They often have the prettiest houses and gardens.

wonderful strong shadow in this photo, I too love jacaranda trees.

Great photo. Interesting post too. I learned something here.

Have a nice day, Boonie

what a beautiful land you live in. just gorgeous. everything always looks so lush!!!

i hope your weekend has been splendid!

My, that is a beautiful tree and shadow. I'd like to stroll along those streets too!

Love the Jakaranda Tree. I always wanted such a tree while living in Phoenix, but all we had were 2 giant Eucalyptus trees. Such a beautiful ShadowShot!

Jacarandas are one of the trees I love in the desert here in the USA. What a lovely view--oh to be swishy rich...

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