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November 11, 2010


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ooh, i'd love to see that!! i took a class on sherlock holmes once and it was a blast! favorite previously unknown reference? the cat macavity in the musical cats is based on professor moriarty who in turn was based on a real criminal named adam worth.

today i just love house for all the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) references, though i think they've tapered off a bit lately. and did you know hugh laurie himself once played sherlock? the spoof "without a clue" featured him as a very ... un-sherlockian sherlock. (and, as a side note, i must say he is one of those relatively few men who actually looks better with age ...!)

Must watch!
Huge fan of BBC production~
agree, that's one handsome name, Sam!

i've been "watching" this all week too! it's been my entertainment whilst sewing bags for hours on end. so basically, i listen and look up every once in a while for a peek or two. i love martin freeman! and london.
on a different note, i've never commented here before, but your drawings are so very beautiful. i LOVE the cats.

I am a fan of the Sherlock Holmes series. I have had my nose buried in the books and short stories from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for quite some time. I didn't know there where so many stories. It's quite fun! Especially with the cold coming and darkness settling in after work. It's a great escape. Now I will have to download this modern series! Thanks for the inspiration.

OH! Very cool. I have to check it out. I enjoyed the movie as well though I know a lot of people were shocked and disappointed by it. A few people walked out which surprised me as it was still an enjoyable movie.

I have missed this and it looks really good. I will see if it is on catch up tv!

Oh I think I need to watch this. It sounds great!

I loved this series, and thought it was brought into the modern world with skill (being a fan of the books). And yet a lot of my friends poo-pooed it!

Benedict Cumberbatch, doesn't it just roll off your tongue? (Actually, I have a huge crush on him).

i've watched it, i really loved it. i missed subtitles sometimes (am flemish), but nonetheless felt myself hugely entertained by all characters and sceneries.
oh, and hi!
i've just discovered your blog via fritzimarie. it looks really attractive, must push the follow button!

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