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November 22, 2010


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That first photo is so stunning. I'd love that on my wall! The one of the boys with their boats is very sweet too.'s so hard to believe they used to dress like that back then. so neat. we've come so far, there are sooo many looks these days. but i do love the classic looks!!
especially on the little boys..hee. CUTE!

i'm like you, i went away this weekend, promising to take pictures, but i just didn't pull it out..sometimes you just enjoy the moment and don't feel the need to take photos. it seems you will take yourself out of what you are experiencing or something.

Those photos are marvelous. I love everything about that era! So it's summer in Australia. We have had 10inches of snow here so far today. It's a winter wonderland!

Summer!? That is so weird. It really is a different world. We had our first snowfall in Seattle today. An arctic blast if you will. City is in havoc! :)

Oooh scones with jam and cream...yummy! You're totally forgiven for not getting any photos of the day. Hello Summer? Oi! We still have a week left of spring! Love the summer photos you shared (especially the first one!) and I wish I could visit the exhibtion. I didn't make it here on Monday, so happy Tuesday! :D

Amazing photos, darling!

Happy summer!


Happy Summer Wishes To You.
Most of the leaves have fallen here in Alabama. I look at your print that I have hanging front and center in my living room and it always makes me happy. You and your work are amazing.

love love,
Fritzi Marie

That's beautiful !

Oh my, what charming photographs.

we had a taste of summer here too. love that 1st image - very evocative.

These are fab. Goodness the lady's waist is soooo tiny!

I was looking with interest at the photos when I was struck by the last one of the girl in the long skirt, standing barefoot on the sand... it looks just like my mother when she was younger! When I showed the picture to my son, he said: "That's Grandma!" Of course, my mother wasn't even born until the 1940's, but as her family were from N.S.W [right back to the first and second fleets] I am wondering whether I have stumbled across a long-lost relative. Thanks for posting these pics... fascinating and a bit spooky!

It's bizarre how the seasons are switched - it's winter here! I love these photos - neckties on everyone!

Wonderful photos and your historic gardens sound lovely, I don't blame you for being too busy to photograph. Imagine being that covered up and at the beach! I'd sizzle away under all that fabric... :)

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