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October 03, 2010


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sam-i am loving the contrast in colors...white, gray and reddish!! and yes-they can be little rascals sometimes can't just wanted a picture for crying out loud!!!

Oh, I do know about trying to catch a good one of the seagulls!!! This one is perfect, Sam! Great shot of the bird and his shadow! The colors are soooo rich and clear! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!


The gull stands proud and tall, his profile one of beauty (even if he didn't want his picture taken). Alas, a flock of seagulls have completely different attitudes about cooperation, and the lack of it...

Enjoy your week!


My entry is in here, have a blessed Sunday!

This is a really gorgeous shot. I really like it. :) Have a lovely merry happy sunday and love to yoU!

Oi! Who you callin' round!?! ;D

I like your little gully. They can be tricky to catch. I bribe them with food!

So it's raining in Sydney this weekend also? Maybe it's the whole of the east coast. I don't remember experiencing so much rain in Brissy before. It's making me stir-crazy-nutty!

Enjoy your long weekend Sam! We don't have a long weekend here in Qld. That hardly seems fair now! xo

I love taking pics of all the birds around town - even the quite hideous pigeons with their missing toes and weird feathers and the albino ones especially. They're so fascinatingly gross. Tehehe.

BTW, I received my prints. Love at first sight and even better in real life. I'm hunting down some mismatched antiquey/gold frames to put them all up in. Thank you so much, Sam.

Beautiful, really beautiful! Love the contrast brought by the beak and the legs.

terrific shadow! worth the effort:)

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