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October 25, 2010


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Gatito so cute, love your work!!

i love super kitten!! he is adorable!! :) would he like to come live with me??

ah!! i love it! how cute would this be in a nursery!

I LOVE Super Kitten!! I need one in black to match my kitty!

I love the glamorous gals, the chubby wee birds, and Super Kitten. I love everything you draw, Sam. Hope you had a fantastic weekend :)

Adorable !

Is he ever CUTE!!!! I love super kitten. what a wonderful addition to your cats collection.
Russell is just super. ;)

Hope the rest of your week gets better!!! XO

Russell is the eye...and his choice of tall lillies...hope the week has improved for you honey...

SUPER Kitten!! Adorable...

Haha! I love your Super Kitten!

Gosh I can't believe I've not visited blogs all week. I just don't know where the time vanishes to lately...

Oh, I saw this and it reminded me a bit of Super Kitten:

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