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October 24, 2010


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Gorgeous shadow shot, Sam! The colors are exquisite! Hope your weekend is going well, glad you got some much needed rain!


so so so beautiful. xo

Happily, your drought is gone - I couldn't imagine years of drought as in Oz. The reservoirs and aquifers are full of water, and that is good. For us up North, I hope for a winter full of snow to melt and turn into water for flowers into the Spring...

The flowers are beautiful with their yellow and orange hues. Not a flower we will see up here. Enjoy your week!

Beautiful photo of those flowers Sam! I like that you included their history!

Hey I didn't realise that you guys have been experiencing drought. Our drought in Qld ended a while back now and it was so good to be able to take long showers again! (Not that I do that often because it's still important to be water wise...but winter...long showers are needed).

Well, enjoy your rain! We've had enough rain here in Brissy lately so please keep the wet weather in Sydney for as long as you like :)

Hope you have an awesome week ahead Sam!

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