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October 04, 2010


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completely stunning!

I couldn't agree more. I would love to have lived in the days when women wore gloves, and men wore suits and hats.

My Granddad, from a suit wearing era, was never able to give it up completely. Even when he was casual, he'd still be wearing a short sleeved shirt and suit trousers.

Uber love!

Love love love! I can't wait to have a nursery! My halls are currently filled with your work, I can't wait to fill it up some more.

Zoe is gorgeous! I just love the look of gloves but cannot stand to wear them myself. Even in freezing cold weather (which I've not actually ever experienced) I can't wear gloves. It drives me nutty to have my fingers covered up. I wish that wasn't the case...

And hey you must have poor circulation Sam! I wonder why? You odd thing you! :)

oohhh la la she's gorgeous!! :)


so happy to finally have her on my wall. thank you, love it!

amateur couture

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