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September 26, 2010


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Oh, such delightful shadows and gorgeous flowers, colors! I love your captures and I do envy you your spring time as autumn moves into the northwest! Hope you're having a great weekend, Sam!


Oh, these are so preeeeetty!! Spring certainly has sprung, no? :)

I miss cherry blossoms in Korea! Lovely photos!

Brad Pitt is in town, have a blessed Sunday!

Happily in Oz now, the warmer weather is approaching and the flowers have the pastel feel of spring. Gorgeous id how I describe the flora here.

Alas, while still warm up here, we know which way the temps are yet to go :>( Enjoy the most wonderful season to come!

These are gorgeous...i do love spring so much! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and a lovely sunday! Love to yoU!

Beautiful blossom, and great shadows.

I love cherry blossoms. Beautiful shots!

Mmmmm...cherry blossoms! They're just so special and the most joyous of flowers! I can't help but break out into a big smile when seeing them! Early spring in Sydney sounds so pretty!

I hope you've been having a lovely weekend so far Sam, and all the best for a wonderful, not too stressful work week ahead :)

Blooming marvelous! Over in the west we seem to have gone to summer.

WOW huge blossom. I love blossom time, it's so brief though!

Beautiful photos - it's hard to believe that is just over a year since we had our wonderful holiday in Sydney!

I love the blossom time of year, all the more as it is so short lived!

How I wish spring flowers could last longer than they do. But then I guess that would defeat the point and the anticipation!

That last photograph is so beautiful!

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