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September 28, 2010


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I am busy too-far too busy-to do with school mainly, which at the moment I could happily walk out of and never go back! Is yours work related?

Love her hair band! Wish it was real :)

Love Poppy, but then red is my favourite colour!

love poppy's hair :) melbourne weather is also up and down like a see-saw.

Love Poppy Sam! The beginning of spring has been all over the place here in Brissy also. It does make deciding what to wear in the morning before leaving the house very tricky!

Poppy is just lovely! I really like the way you draw eyes from a side-view like that -- it's wonderful!

I hope the Sydney weather decides what it wants to do soon! We're having similar issues transitioning into fall - freezing mornings and hot afternoons!

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