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September 13, 2010


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Thanks Sam! I like Iris-her dress pattern is particularly lovely! Hope my painting arrives with you soon-our post is so slow.

i like iris's top :)
i know what you mean about the races - it never appeals to me.

What an elegant woman. Loving the hat.

Iris is very sophisticated.....
Weird to think it is spring when it is autumn here, that always freaks me out!!!!
Cava is just as good for those with a beer purse!

Oh, she's so glamorous! I love her hat!

And I don't think I saw about your finger but I'm glad it's getting better! For an artist, there are few worse injuries, it would seem!

Iris looks like one gorgeous and classy lady!
I've never been into the races myself. I find it all a bit bizarre for some reason.. (maybe it's a culture thing).

The hat and herringbone pattern a a brilliant pair!

Long time no see!Hope everything i s well!

And by th eway Iris looks very pretty :)


Oh, my goodness...I just saw that you were featured on Decor8. I am so thrilled for you. I am on pins and needles to see what you come up with next. Everything you do is beautiful.

Fritzi Marie

Sam, glad to hear the finger is feeling better! Also, I love Iris. Gorgeous and the inspiration reminds me of 'My Fair Lady' the races scene of course. Big hats with flowers... such a lovely idea!

Sweet Iris! I think Iris will be a big hit at the racetrack! I'm afraid the whole horse racing thing doesn't interest me. I don't even bet on the Melbourne Cup! Such a relief that your finger is healing Sam!

Iris is beautiful and I love the connection to Melbourne.

I've never been to the races myself, but I'd love to people watch all the fancy ladies with their fabulous hats. Maybe I'll spot an Iris there!

hope your fingers heals well!

what i wouldn't give to wear some of the outfits you come up with! this one is beautiful.

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