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September 17, 2010


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that sounds like a fun weekend to me!!! i wish i drew though. i read and have been collaging lately. i love to just have all that "me" time. and to be with my kitties and husband too. freedom!
that is a lovely piece. and since last year i think spring is my favorite, most happy time of year...soo lovely.

have a wonderful weekend!!!!

love that first image! so refreshing and beautiful. Glad you are enjoying Spring, of course we are heaidng into fall but it is still very much like summer here in Socal. That second print in your post is so springy, love it. Any new little bird drawings? maybe with a little spring theme?

Haha! I thought for a second that you had a weekend filled with plans of splashing about with elephants! Which could be kind of fun. Just so long as the elephants are skilled swimmers because I wouldn't like my chances at performing CPR successfully on a half drowned elephant...

Drawing and watching old films sounds much safer. And just as much fun!

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