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September 12, 2010


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Beautiful shot!

Hanover Park shadows.

Such a beautiful photo, the whole tree must look glorious - or I should say, this tree would have looked glorious. Why would anyone want to cut down a tree like this??

What a beautiful tree! Do you get a day off when it has its day?
It is a real shame it was cut down.

I love this shot, I wish that I was able to see it in person.

Happy Belated Wattle Day dear Sam! Beautiful Shadow Shot! I love the flowers and the share on it's history. Wonder where they took it? Don't blame you at all for being upset. ♡

This is an autumnal color, the sort of things we plant in the Autumn in our clime - like on mums, say. Yet at 9 feet, thai is much more grand than any mum I've seen. This is bold and beautiful, just the flowering shrub that any nation would be happy to embrace. It is a beauty! Enjoy your week in a warming up Oz...

Sam, this is just beautiful! Why on earth would anyone remove such a lovley bush? It saddens me. Every so often my husband and I will drive around the city to see the houses we bought and fixed up, and the new owners always manage to destroy the gardens in a short matter of time. I know I shouldn't be so attached to homes that are no longer mine (especially since 4 of them were purchased for investments), but I put my heart into designing, planting, and nurturing every garden bed. Some people have no taste, and even sadder they have no respect for beautiful living things. Ours is a disposable society, ugh.

Golden Wattle looks glorious in your picture; so textured and filled with sunshine.

I adore Golden Wattle! Those big yellow blobs of fluffiness are quite something! Even though it makes me sneeze like mad I still love it! Odd that it was cut down.

Hope you've have a super weekend Sam!

Re the glow worms - I've seen glow worms at a cave in Mt Tambourine (not far from the Gold Coast) & they were spooky litle critters!

what a beautiful bush!! what a shame that they took it away!! hopefully they found a good home for it!!

This is beautiful! I've never even heard of Wattle, but I like it. :) I think that yellow caterpillar thing I found last week would feel right at home on a bush like this!

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