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September 06, 2010


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Oh Sam! I am so very, very thrilled and flattered. That's a real compliment! (And yes, you're absolutely right.... I would definately wear that dress!)

I hope your finger feels ok by the by, nothing is worse than slamming your finger in a door or drawer :(

Exquisite gown, darling!
So perfectly rendered!


Ellen is gorgeous! I hope your finger recovers soon- ouch!! At least you're perfectly capable of creating lovely things while it heals. :)

Gus looks like a mischievous little fellow! I'm glad to hear it's warming up over there. New seasons are always fun!

She's so delicate, love it!

Oh, my so so beautiful.
You are amazing.

love love,
Fritzi Marie

I'm loving the girls in dresses!

Sam, sorry to hear about your finger but I'm glad it's better now and that you were able to draw with it! I ADORE Ellen and her gorgeous gown. I also love the way you drew a flower in the background. Your work never ceases to astound... hope you're having a good start to the new week! I'm off to look at Ellen's inspiration now... ♥

GUS GUS GUS! I love Gus. I do. you kill me always with your delightful birds, always so oozing with personality. love it!

hope your fingie is doing better, i know all too well about hands and fingers in doors....YOWCH. painful and numbing.

Ouch! That doesn't sound good at all but glad to hear you're doing better. I'm amazed that you were still able to draw! And to manage to draw so beautifully with such an injury! Wow!

Wow, Ellen is stunning! I'm sorry to hear about your finger injury. I hope it's on the mend and doesn't slow you down. XO, Marsi

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