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September 05, 2010


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Oh, I love your bamboo shadows, Sam! Great composition and love the rich yellow color! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy!


Bamboo is such a neat wood. I never think of it in the climate I live in North America. It seems like an exotic wood, but where it is indigenous it probably all around. It seems exotic as we don't see it often.

The yellow hue of this bamboo is stunning, this being sold for flooring. This color, to me, would add an exotic look to any home. Some day, some year, I would love to visit Oz and wonderful places like the Botanical gardens...

This is a beautiful photo, great shadow but such wonderful bamboo too, such a striking colour!

Love the ShadowShot! When I was a kid we fished with yellow bamboo poles. I did not know there were so many varieties of bamboo. Apealing to the eye and also educational...I like that!

I love bamboo too! I think you shoud certainly spend some time in the botanic gardens documenting the different types of bamboo. Using your sketch book to illustrate it all! Do it Sam!

Not owning a mobile phone is a good thing Sam! I'm impressed that you don't use one! I'm smitten with my new iphone but only for the camera & apps :)

Bamboos rock! They are miracles - grow fast, you can produce all kinds of stuff of them...
Nice shadows...
Happy Sunday!

Beautiful bamboo!

Looks so healthy with the yellow bamboos. As an asian I do love bamboos too. We have different sorts & even have a cubby house made of them.

Great shot, girl...

Have a wonderful Sunday evening. Hope U enjoyed Father's Day celebration.


Beautiful! Now you have me thinking of bamboo... I didn't know there were so many various types. Love the sound of the creaking kind and the ones you can't see the tops of especially.

Wishing you a great new week dear Sam! ♥

This is a lovely bamboo-I have never seen that kind-it's so bright! Bamboo forms part of my garden master plan-I want to have a stand of it to form a screen so that upstairs cannot see us when we are sitting in the garden. I have to do some serious bamboo research first though, so if you do a post on it I would be most interested!

I've just shown your photo to Malcolm - we could have seen that very bamboo when we were in Sydney last year - thanks for these reminders of our wonderful holiday!!

If I loved bamboo any MORE, I'd eat it like a panda.......


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