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August 30, 2010


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Oh ! That's adorable !

So amazing. I hope you have a fantastic week. Take care of yourself.

Beautiful Sam!
I'm a fan of Faye as well...the movie Eyes of Laura Mars is quite good if you haven't seen it. Great week darling!


We're lucky in the UK - bank holiday today - extra art day, and I have been using it to experiment with resin, which I have never used before.
I love Olivia and the blue rabbit. What media do you use to create your pictures?

that little bunny is SO CUTE!

i just saw kick ass this weekend. kind of hilarious! perhaps not the best role models for kids, but i liked it!

may this monday pass quickly! :)


I finally put your beautiful print up on my wall and I adore it. Everything you do is beautiful.

Fritzi Marie

p.s. I blogged about it too

These are just darling, S!


I have yet to see all those movies, but they are all on my MASSIVE list of to sees. it keeps getting longer by the day. there are also sooo many old movies i need to see. how could one be bored..hehe.

thanks for the shout out of the contest, Sam! :D

i hope you have a super week!!!

Your new creations are adorable Sam! I love the Blue Bunny especially... such wonderful expression to both the bunny and the little girl. Also, I'm with you on Shutter Island! I loved that film... Leo is amazing isn't he? Such emotion... Forever handsome to me, even when they make make him look all sweaty and crazy! :)

Mr and Mrs Z Finch are delightful :)

the blue rabbit is too cute!
i also enjoyed shutter island, have yet to see inception.

You never cease to amaze me with your drawings Sam! You've so much talent I'm surprised you're not bursting at the seams. I'm glad you're not bursting at the seams coz I'm thinking that could be kinda painful! I really do love your work!

I also thought Shutter Island was excellent!

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