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August 15, 2010


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The garden is beautiful - not that the cat would care to notice :>) Cats will be cats, obviously...

Th beauty of such gardens is undeniable, and happily here they are maintained int perpetuity (we all hope). The English love their gardens, and this style wears so nicely in Sydney - I wouldn't mind about 50 square meters of this lawn in our front yard.Absolutely beautiful capture! Have a nice week :>)

Lovely shadow shot Sam! I love the first and second photo especially... George is much of a fan of photos either I think, he has a way of slinking away whenever I point the camera at him.

Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!

Oh, I love the kitty! How cute he is! I also love your lovely, leafy green shadows, too! Hope you're having a fun weekend, Sam! Enjoy!


Lovely!!! Who wouldn't want to have a garden like that of their own? Those trees are awesome.

Oooh you just caught that kitty...slinking away in the shadows. That garden does sound very special. As does the cat that greets you. And I'm sure he/she does recognise you Sam! The more you show of Sydney the more I want to visit again. It's been far too long!

Enjoy the week ahead Sam! And I like your SSS t-shirt idea! xo

The gardens sound lovely! The grass is very soft looking in your photo. The garden I visited the other day had a number of very contented cats hanging around. Every garden should have one!

Lovely shadow shots!

Gorgeous shots...I love the pussy cat!!! i like how you can't see his top half, it is rather intriguing.i bet you he is a cutie!!

I hope a greeat weekend!

The garden shots look magical! Lovely!

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