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August 17, 2010


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Absolutely amazing photos!
Love the bathing beauties!


P.S. Very cool fact about Rear Window!

So glad you found me via etsy as i love your blog! Very inspiring!

Your art is fabulous! I've faved your etsy ...

take care

Dolls And Daydreams

Interesting info~luv all Hitchcock's movies!
The colors on these images are so beautiful!

Mara Lane........ *sigh* I wish I could lay poolside in a striped red and white swimsuit and sunhat...

Side note - Steel Bar and Grill is directly opposite the park on top of Wynyard Station, on Carrington Street. It's on the corner where the laneway is between Bar 333 and the Virgin Megastore in that old building.... We were passing through Martin Place to get there. I totally recommend it if you want an AMAZING meal lol.

so cool...while i'm not big on socialites, it seems the vintage ones are more classy and intriguing, non?!

great photography and always love your wonderful finds and loves!

These are such beautiful photos. Hope you've had a wonderful week.

I'm sure Slim loved his work!

these works are FANTASTIC!!! very attractive INDEED!!!!!!!!!

Dearest sam, these photos are gorgeous!! Really attractive!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

Also, thank you so much for your kind words on my photos! Your love and encouragement on my photography skills really gave me a huge push as im always exploring and experimenting on taking good photos. Selling my photos as prints ~ this idea has never really cross my mind because i feel like im not still not good enough. But i must say it's a very attractive idea! :)

Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!!

Wish I looked as good in a swimsuit! I'd be happy looking half as good! Speaking of happy, Dolly Fritz doesn't look very happy. Speaking of happy, I hope your week so far has been a happy one Sam!

wow thank you so much for sharing - i had never heard of him. love these pics

I wish socialites were still as glamorous as this.

FUN photos! I have sketches of a couple of these... will paint someday.

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