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August 07, 2010


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I just love those old, heroic looking statues too! The horse even has a special look on his face. Terrific Shadow Shot!!

I agree, that kind of statues are difficult to find (new ones)...
I'd like to visit that place when coming to Sydney in February...
Happy Sunday!

It seems that mighty statues of brass or iron aren't commissioned, nor sculpted any more. A pity, as a museum or gallery seems more interesting if might such as this greeted our entry. We would be even more ready to study and enjoy the art within...

The rotunda and columns evoke a classical past. This is a place I would love to visit. The interior and art would likely be as dramatic!

The second shot is gorgeous!

My Shadow Shots, have a lovely weekend!

These wonderful shadow shots make me want to get on the next plane to Sydney - we enjoyed our holiday last year so much!!

I love the second shot, so beautiful!

Wow! That statue is very striking! It's very beautiful, as is the bright blue Sydney sky! It's funny to think of winter shadow shots that have been posted by others often depict bleak looking days with lots of snow! I'm sure it must be difficult for folks from overseas to tell the difference between seasons here in Oz by looking at some of our photos :)

Hope the wonderful weather continued for you this weekend and you're enjoying the sunshine Sam! It's a nice one here in Brissy xo

"a gorious Winter day in Sydney"

I love the sound of that.
And a lovely scene.

Yes, the weekend does indeed come around fast...and then end fast. Your inter looks so much like autumn or spring to me. LOL Your shadows this week are almost timeless though. :)

That is one very epic looking statue. i agree they definitely don't make them like they used to. I guess our cultures have changed so much. It seems our heroes are boring celebrities rather than actual heroes and revolutionaries! i love seeing these types of statues..very heroic indeed!

Lovely shadows dear Sam... the shares from your city always leave me wanting to visit! Hope you've had a wonderful Sunday also... ♥

These are lovely shots. Shamefully my dad is from Sydney and I have never been.... It looks lovely.

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