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August 16, 2010


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I think it is a kind of offereing because they love you-in their cat way! One of Andy's cats once brought in a mouse in a mouse trap-how embarassing I thought! I have had a mouse in my sandal, tucked neatly under the toe strap, for me to find in the dim morning light as I put my foot in! Tiger collects three particular toy mouse at night, makes sad crying noises and drops them outside the bedroom door. She has always done this-on and off, since we got her. I always wish cats could talk so we could find out their reasons for the things they do!

P.S.-I have never been given a toy ship-I would like that!

That's a lovely story of harry!
I want my dogs to bring me groceries from the market Sam...LOL I'm being silly! Let's blame it on Monday!
You have a good week okie*

aww, what a wonderful story -- so well told!! sam, you're a writer and an artist!! i just feel like i want to scoop harry up and give him a big hug -- what a sweetie!! i just love cats, too!! :)

My cats have never! But I suppose they are outdoor. My husband's cat TinTin used to bring bird heads & mice tails back for gifts. I always think it's either a gift or a's the thought that counts..hehehe.
even though it can be quite gruesome, it strikes me as adorable.

I don't know Harry but I think he rocks. MEOW! I too love tree leaves.

Harry sounds adorable Sam! George once left a dead mouse by my television.. this was before we moved! :\ But he also is keen on bringing me little balled up plastic balls for us to play with and with leaving my dirty socks by the front door when I'm away at work. I want to say the first was as a trophy, the second for us to play with and the third as a sign of protest. I think it's definitely their way of bonding and communicating!

Also, I adore your new illustration. I'm planning on buying your cat set (hope it's still on sale!) as soon as payday rolls around... xo

On Christmas Eve my cat brought me a dead bird and left it on the door step, before proceeding to cry until I came and looked. Definately a present....

Harry sounds like quite the character! I would so love to see Harry dragging along umbrella tree leaves! I so enjoyed reading about Harry. He must be a constant source of amusement for your dad! I think the little things (or big things in the case of umbrella tree leaves) cats bring to their owners are gifts of sorts. I like to think so anyway :)

What a lovely blog you have here! I´m amazed!=D

I have 3 cats and two of them LOVES to bring down from my room some felt animals I made and also an amigurumi one, really big, it´s a dove and it´s all black from all the carrying up and down. ahaha they also make noises while doing it, they climb down the stais saying something with the toy in their mouths, so cute! One of them also brings socks she finds on the floor of our rooms. ahahaha
Anyway, I just felt like sharing.
Lovely, lovely drawings !

My cats do this, too. My vet told me it was the cats trying to teach you something. So if they bring you a dead mouse, it's telling us, "this how you hunt", sort of like a dominance thing. I think it makes sense with one of my cats, but i'd like to think they are gifts, too!

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