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August 06, 2010


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great comic!! i especially like "it is unwise to annoy cartoonists." :)

We have this book!!! It's hilarity. I like it in the same way I like Dilbert..hehe.

Good Luck on the drawing of the bushes and trees and have yourself a great weekend!!

Yes it's been ageees since I've visited...but oh it's been lovely scrolling through the posts that I've love to you...

ha ha :) i enjoyed reading that. i think as a knitter i have a combination of several personality traits - oh no!
happy weekend sam.

matt groening is always good :) have a happy weekend! make the most of it x

That is funny! Have a lovely weekend!

I can't wait to see your camellia photos! I love those flowers! And I thought the cartoon was hilarious!

This is sheer genius. I am going to save it for ever. Still giggling...

Hehe! Love Matt Groening! Thanks for the chuckles! Oooh I'm looking forward to seeing the results of your garden visit. You're probably strolling through that garden right at this minute!

HAHA Oh man, that describes all my friends.... and myself too lol.

I LOVE Matt Groening and his Life in Hell series! This share had me laughing out loud Sam... especially the 'how to annoy them' column and his warning to not annoy 'cartoonists'... !!

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