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August 20, 2010


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That's interesting. It isnot compulsory to vote here, though I think it is a good idea. Turnout here is affected by the weather-much lower if it rains!

oh my goodness, so cute.
yes, fingers crossed for an election result that's not too horrifying.

Happy FRIDAY Sam! God... I seriously love that it's against the law not to vote in Australia! It's good medicine I'm sure to force people to voice opinions. Hope all you vote for gets passed and in office! :)

Have a great weekend. I'm picking up a sausage sizzle at school when I vote :)

Hello Sam!! I am completely in shock over that beyond lovely package I just got in the mail!!! I almost cried, seriously. I put a pin on my purse right away. I honestly can't think of the right words to say how Thankful I am. But I am! ^-^

this lamb i want to snatch up and precious.

I think it's good to vote but it's not so good when you don't like any of the options..hehe. It's hard to trust any of those politicians.

Have a beyond Wonderful Weekend..and a trillion gazillion thanks again.

This photo makes me smile and i love it so much! :) That is really interesting that it's agast the law not to vote. Have a lovely merry happy weekend and happy voting! Love to you!

jumpin' jehosophat!! :)

so cuuute!
adore jumping shots, animals or people~ JOY!
I must say, here in the States, we should make it mandatory to vote! There are too many lazy people unfortunately...including me!(shame on moi!)


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