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August 27, 2010


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did somebody call my name???
Yay to Miss fab Friday!
Sam, even the name of this shop is so wonderful!! Wishing a lovely springy weekend over there!


hey sam!! have a great weekend!! i'm off to the beach this weekend -- though it will literally take us all day (12 hours +) saturday to drive to get there -- oh, how i miss sydney!!!!

if you want, there are fair trade markets on at my church (church by the bridge in kirribilli) this weekend ... though i think the i heart kirribilli art exhibition that starts monday is probably even more up your alley!! i hope you're able to look at it for me -- i'm so sad to miss it!!


I like these-they made me smile and they are interesting. Have a great weekend!

Hola Sam!

These are great fun. I want some magic too! Hope you are enjoying your weekend and getting full of inspiration for your beautiful drawings.

These are wonderful pieces! I didn't know about that Etsy shop so I'm off for a browse now!

Hope you have a super dooper weekend Sam! xo

OMG! I'm totally smitten with that shop Sam! Thank you! I just hearted it so that I can find my way back come pay day. I saw a few things that I really need to have! :)

Heya Sam!!! Happy Weekend to you!! I hope you have a wondrous as magical as possible one. and that it has similar magicalness to these beautiful images.

p.s- i was thinking about doing my first lil' giveaway and was wondering if you would mind if i used one of your glorious pics you sent me of the beaut kitties. i always think it is better to give than receive and i would love to pass on the kitty goodness to someone else and of course some exposure to you too...;)! i will give away a couple other things as well and you can enter and if you happen to win, i'll just send you something else, as i assume you wouldn't want me to send your own illustration...heeeheee. tell me what you think!? it will hard for me to give up, but i can always buy another one again if it drives me mad without it..hehe. let me know!

xoxoxo...have a great weekend!!! i have yet to frame the beauts...gotta find some perfecto framies.

These are soo cute!! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

i love these!

I love his work Sam!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend... ♥

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