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August 29, 2010


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Gorgeous shadowy spring walk Sam! I love the details on the plaint leafs also... beautiful!

Oh, your spring looks so gorgeous, Sam! I'm feeling a little wistful that your spring is just arriving and our fall is getting ready to swoop down on us and I'm not quite ready for that. Nevertheless there will be lots of beauty to photograph, just a little more gray, little more rain, little more cold than I'm ready for now. Both your captures are exquisite and I love them! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!!


Lovely shadow shots-that pathway is beautiful and the pleated leaves amazing!
I don't know if it is just me, but your link in Mr Linky didn't work-just thought I would let you know!

What is wonderful about Sydney seems to be the urban landscape - from skyscrapers to the harbor to the myriad number of parks like this. It seems that an escape from the big city is merely moments away. This botanical garden is stunning - we seem to be transported to an English (style) garden, yet close enough to be within walking distance to the glass and steel tower nearby. What a beautiful city! Enjoy your week!

Lovely shadows.

MY shadow shot post, have a great weekend!

Beautiful shadow shots. The leaves are amazing.

How cool! Those branch shadows along the path almost look like cracks in the concrete. I just adore the second photo! Yes nature sure is lovely. I fall in love with nature a little bit more every day.

I fixed the link of yours that wasn't working earlier today but forgot to delete the second one. Oooops. I'll go deal with that now. I was just reminded by Sarah's comment above. Hope you've had a super weekend Sam and feel all refreshed for a wonderful week ahead :) xo

Lovely shadows, and beautiful flowers. And I really like the lines in the leaves of the second photo.

So much lovelies happening downunder huh? Spring? that must be awesome.

Great shots...

Hope you're enjoying your week-end, girl?

hugs as always,

what a wonderful spring shot sam. a delightful path to walk awaits...

It's almost a year since we were in Sydney - and seeing your photos makes me want to get on the next plane and come back!

Gorgeous pics, darling!


pretty pretty! there is nothing like beautiful nature & tree shadows. and nature in general. it makes me so happy and at peace!

i have my giveaway up in action! :D Thanks Again!!!

Love the shadows and the light here. :)

I tried, like, 4 times to post a comment yesterday. Not sure how I got to this place, but I'm trying one more time, since I still don't see my comments! I love the fanlike leaves on the 2nd ShadowShot. Really cool! Everytime I come to your blog I smile at the lovely watercolors you have on your side bar. Have a great week.

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