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July 12, 2010


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Awwwwww these are adorable, darling!
Especially loving the mice!


The puppy is adorable!

wow excellent animals!

i love your furry friends!!! especially THAT DOG!!! so cute!!!

you. can .
oogs too !

sam, this is ezra's comment above (he stepped on the keyboard when i was writing).


Oh. My. God. That pup is to die for. So expressive and pretty. I recently met one in LA that look exactly the same; I almost dognapped it...

I am enjoying your little animal drawings so so so much Sam! I don't think they could possibly be any more adorable! LOVE them! Especially the pair of mice!

Glad to hear that it's warmed up a little for you. It was very warm here in Brissy today. Felt like spring weather! Although some colder temps are due later this week. Hope you have an awesome week Sam. 2 days down already! Woo hoo! xo

I love the rats, the drawing of course, not the real ones. :)

gorgeous, sam!! they are all so cute!!!

I love them all but Simon is my favourite. Is he a real cat or a made up one? He is so sleek and assured looking!
Thanks for your lovely comment too!
Our weather has finally cooled down a bit and even included some rain yesterday. The children at work behaved as if they had never seen it before!

what a nice selection of pets you've drawn! your mice are so so cute!!!
it's good to hear it's a bit warmer, however i know what it's like to be confused as to what to's like that ALL the TIME here in Canada.

Hi Sam,
your art is so unique!
I've just linked to follow you on my blog:
I'm in Brisbane.

I love your new inspirations and creations dear Sam! Been feeling a little under the weather myself, so I very much get the non-bloggy mood. Hope you're having a great week though!

oh the puppy has stolen my heart!

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