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July 04, 2010


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Great shadows, the gallery looks fab, always a nice way to spend a day!

Were you allowed to photograph there or was this a slight of hand. It surely is a great gallery. i was a gallery guide there when it opened in the past historic.

They are so graceful...

Lovely statues! And lovely shadow shots as well! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend, Sam!


These are such classy shadow shots Sam! I very much like them!!! I only wish I could visit Melbourne to see the figurines up close!

Hope you've had a lovely weekend Sam, and the weather settled down a little in Sydney. We've been lucky here in Brissy this weekend and have enjoyed magic weather. I was able to ditch my coat and wander around in a t-shirt today! Very happy about that :)

Have yourself a super week ahead! xo

The girls have a demure look, a pose designed not to call attention to themselves - which of course, adds to their allure. Thse sculptures are elegant, the simple form the most beautiful in nature. Nicely captured!

They're lovely Sam! Such a fan of sculptures... and even more so of those of gorgeous elegant women.

Wishing you a wonderful new week!

Yes, they are quite charming and sure do cast lovely shadows too! Hope you are having a swell weekend.

love the sculpture and the shadows..xxlynda

lovely....thanks for sharing

So graceful and pretty! I find sculptures so bewitching.

Fabulous pictures !

beautiful sculptures! if you loves sculptures, if you haven't already should vamoose to Rome!!! It was amazing. We were there this time last year and the art and architecture in that city is so amazing.
We have a national gallery here that we need to go to soon...i haven't been to it yet but can't wait. I bring it up like every week since we moved, hehe.
Hope you have a most excellent week, Sam!!

Beautiful ladies!

I agree - charming indeed!

hi! i just discovered your work and am blown away. you're so talented! mind if i feature it on my blog this week?? it'd be such an honor

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