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July 14, 2010


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Oh la la! What fabulous images! I really like the first three the most!

Hope you're having a great week too :)

(And I need more wall space.... I want so many more of your prints. Rotating art is acceptable, right?)

I know exactly what you mean. I ADORE his fashion illustrations. I did a post awhile back on him with some kittehs!!! hahaha...he has included them in his oh so classy artwork.
I want some for my walls.

Oh my word! I absolutely adore these! Thank you, thank you for sharing!!!

Ah, these are amazing! I love the first and fourth the best - such amazing lines and movement!

Goooorgeous! I really love how beautifully he captures the female body shape. So elegant and feminine.
Thanks for sharing these, Sam! And I hope you're having a wonderful week too. xx

Absolutely gorgeous Sam! I've admired and seen his work online in the past, but had no idea who the artist behind it was! So amazing that this was once the equivalent of a model fashion spread... especially in ads right?

LOVE these. haven't seen that one of the woman in a bathing suit before.
happy weekend :)

Oh my, these are so beautiful. That second one is charming.

I also adore these fashion illustrations and had no idea who the name behind them was. So that's it! Thanks a bunch for sharing these gorgeous images Sam!

Great work. There's so much joy in each one and I love the one of the woman walking up the stairs. The lines in it are loose but it holds together so beautifully. Knowing when to keep those sketch marks in and when to finish the colouring ... a work of art.

oh wow! the details are amazing. thanks for sharing, especially the one with the bathing suit- the shadows are right on!

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