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July 25, 2010


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The pretty bridge and quiet pace sound very appealing. What a nice place to hunt shadows.

What a beautiful ancient landscape, makes one just want to dive in...any crocs about???

Beautiful place and delightful shadow shots for the day! Really love the first one! Enjoy your weekend, Sam!


The snaking road. The snaking shadow on the walking bridge. All lead to the same place.

I feel that I am so far removed from the cosmopolitan but very large city of Sydney. The bridge is a walkway to paradise it seems, the rocky coast looks as if it is a world away (from Sydney, that is - it is half a world away from me really :>) The urban landscape here i stunning, a place for contemplation...

What a lovely bridge and beach! I especially love the pattern shadows on the bridge. Looks like a fun place to enjoy the day and explore!

That would be nice place to visit...
Happy SSS from Casablanca!

We didn't see the bridge when we were in Sydney last year - I guess we'll just have to come back!

Wow, nice bridge. Lovely shadow!

Cool shadows. Suspension bridges scare me. I know it's irrational.

Really cool ShadowShots! I would love to go to Austrlia some day. Not sure my bones could take that long air trip though!

Beautiful photos and spot dear Sam! Such a fan of bridges also.

A super shot of the bridge Sam! I've never heard of Parsley Bay and certainly didn't visit the area when I was in Sydney. It looks lovely. I imagine big bunches of parsely growing all over the place! And I also imagine the only people splashing around in that bay at the moment would be tourists :)

hi Sam dearest!
it looks so tranquil & quite mysterious...thank you for taking us there~ nature continues to amaze me each time! ps: I'm still enjoying my time off, I'm doing much better now~ Thank you for being so lovely & kind always~
Humongous XO*

Oh, it's so romantic! I love those photos and swimming there would seem poetic, somehow!

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