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July 23, 2010


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Sending you plenty of warmth from Italy...

Oh and that bunny is ADORABLE!

That's funny! I just don't think of Australia as cold but you have educated me! Have a lovely weekend!

Oh Wow...I cannot believe it is cold like that in Australia!! I was always under the impression it was always super much I know..hehe. It is the absolute opposite here.
But I know all too well that feeling of shivering in the morning, we get incredibly cold winters here in Canada.

That is one beaut of a bunny.

ooops...I forgot to say Have a Wonderful Weekend!!! I hope you do...keep warm. ;)

Adorable bunny and I'm not jealous of your cold just yet dear Sam, but in a few weeks when we get super hot around here I know I will be! :) Wishes for a great weekend... xo

oh, what a cute bunny!!! :) i know, i've been freezing in the mornings, too, and also have to plan a routine ... this very friday in fact i was too comfy in the (well, you'd call it a) jumper i'd been sleeping i just wore it straight to work! then i decided i probably ought to wear something a little nicer so dashed in to the restroom for a quite early morning costume change :) (after the cup of tea was taking effect!!)

Awww...cute bunny! That's funny that you prepare for your mornings the night before. I guess I do to an extent also. I'm just not as well prepared as you! I find jumping straight into a hot shower first thing helps keep me warm enough to follow with a bit of internet surfing, coffee consumption etc without the need of a heater. That nice toasty warm feeling starts to wear off when it's time to leave for work. That's when I know it's time to leave the house... & off I go grumbling all the way...

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