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July 26, 2010


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I have never heard of a kill bite- but I would be scared- if I was a bird!

Such adorable cats, Sam! You did a wonderful job of capturing that eager expression on the first one.

sam, i love you recent cat fetish!! keep them coming!! :)

Stinking cute!

Too bloody clever you are. Wonderful work, as always.

Both so adorable Sam! I adore the expression on 'I Heart Birds' especially... reminds me of you know who. He always gets the sweetest look on his face when he's about to attack... not sure why?

Wishes for a great week...♥

Your drawings are beautiful. I used to own three cats and remember that sound very well. It used to crack me up. Especially when my kitty was crouched in the sliding door looking at all the birds in my area (I used to live in what looked like Wild Kingdom).

I love the Masked Bandit! Very nice indeed. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Please come again, and check out my fashion illustrations at POSITIVELY LOVELY!


Adorable kitties, darling!
Especially loving the first one ~ so darling!


Hello, I've just found your blog through etsy :) You have some gorgeous images! I've just recently moved to Sydney, amd am hunting down Sydneysider's blogs. I hope that doesn't sound stalky...


They are both lovely! I know the noise you mean. Mine make it mainly at fat pigeons who are well out of reach on the roof. Cassie makes it at flies which are her game of choice!

Your tubby tabbi is making me giggle! He is just so CUTE Sam! And yes I know that funny chirping sound cats make but had no idea what it meant. I like your masked bandit too, but that top kitty is my fave!

EEEEEEEEeeeee....I need that drawing, I heart Birds!!! Incredible sweets! I just LOVE IT! I do hope you are selling some kitties, I haven't check lately. I must do like the longest over due post on your art ever. may i?

i love kitty chirps so much. they have a few different kinds. i like the one where you startled them..hehe. kitties are so wonderful.

That is exactly how my kitty spends her mornings, on the verandah staring up at the noisy miners, chirping at them & getting ready to pounce. So adorable, although she's getting quicker so I should probably discourage it before she actally catches one of them :-/

Ja'dore these kitty illustrations... très FAB!!! Hope all is well with you... sorree to be away for soooo long... off to see what've been missing!

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