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July 09, 2010


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:O These are so cuuuute!

yeah, i've always dug looking at mark ryden's stuff. you nailed it on your description! they are so fluffy but have undertone of sinister. hehehe.
have an extraordinary came fast this week!!

I like Mark Ryden! Outre gallery have a lot of his work. Or at least they did last time I visited. Have yourself a lovely time drawing over the rainy weekend Sam. It's a nice day here so once I've finished my coffee and blog visiting I'm off to play in the sun with my cameras :) xo

I love Mark Ryden's work! Fun to see others who appreciate too!

Wow. Imagine if Mark teamed up with Dreamworks or Pixar to make an animated movie. It would be truly epic.

Really interesting illustrations!

Hope you've been having a fab weekend, darling!


i just adore his work:) hope you are well! xo

i loove mark ryden. he had an exhibit here in la a few years ago and i missed it :(
so happy to see my favorite artists love on another

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