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August 01, 2010


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Winter - what's that?! :)
Happy SSS from Casa!

Oh, great shadow shots for the day, Sam! You can surely feel/see the winter sunlight! Have trouble realizing that we're creeping up on the end of our summer here in the northwest! Wow, time flies whether you're having fun or not!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


I love these shadow shots!!

That is wonderfully stunning detail on the facade. The modernist 'columns' look stately in an artistic way, balanced by the script of the iron sign over the entry. A nice art-deco touch would be if the script were made of neon. Such detailing we do not see in the new buildings, so a great capture of the Liege!

nothing like bare limbs on a stone it!!! beautiful!!

Lovely shadows!

Lovely Shadows on a beautiful old building. Why did my eye go to what looks like blue graffiti immediately? I guess it gets the attention the "artist" desires. (I could be eyesight is failing.)

A lovely shadowy find in Melbourne! I like the addition of the blue grafitti too! The light is sweet and I totally get what you mean about the sunlight being a different colour.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend Sam. Your LONG weekend! Oooh how nice it will be for you to sleep in on a Monday :)

Those crabs on my blog are soldier crabs I think. That's what I've been told anyway. One of the many varieties.

yes i agree, light in cities is always different (and the smells).

don't know very much about Melbourne architecture - glad you have some deco!

I love your shadow shots and I love your artwork. I'm on my way to etsy to check it out.
Barbara! i adore art deco style. you don't see enough of it here in canada.

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