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July 07, 2010


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Love that you named these little beauties! I think Reggie is my fave, but they are all so gorgeous!


P.S. That Mario Testino exhibit sounds fantastic!

they are so darling!

Your finches are brilliant. I think they're great. Have been seeing a lot of the little critters on our early morning national park walks.

Haha Sam, I know exactly what you mean about Michelin Man! I'm doing the same kind of dressing!

And those are some cute finches!

awww...i love reggie!!! i love birds. not as much as i love kitties but close! i seen a cardinal the other day and was in awe. so pretty!

your little birds are so adorable! just beautiful. tweet tweet! :)

Let's trade seasons! It's so warm here, I'm sweating just typing this.

We all need breaks, I know I need one, too.

Love these little guys!

Those finches are gorgeous Sam! I layer up to the point of not being able to move. An awkward way to live through winter but at least a warm one. Although I've not had to layer up too much yet as we've only had a few really cold days so far. Winter in Sydney sounds fierce!

I am in love with Reggie! Yellow and grey so beautiful.

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