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June 28, 2010


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Oh Sam, lurrrve the origami inspired dress!
and the pinkish kitty ear is a darling as well.
Stay warm & cozy~ I'm off to have my din-din now~
xo as always*

lovely!!! you draw so much, and you do it so well. i have been telling myself that i should start drawing again, but it has been so long. so nervous, but i think i will try it again. maybe next weekend. must!

and LOVE the kitty pick. of course i am partial to all things kitty, and you have captured this one so well!

Felix is SUCH a cutie!!! And I of course am LOVING your kitty portraits. Kitties are really hard to draw and you are doing such an amazing job. I love your first lady, what a fab dress, i want!
Happy Week to you!!!

Hmmm...sounds like you had an interesting weekend. I hope it was ok.

Yvonne is simply gorgeous. She has now taken the #1 spot on my list of favorites of all of your beautiful ladies. And the dress on Evening Soiree - oh my! Do you do fashion design as well dear? Funny timing that your drawings coincide with the Couture Exhibit I just went to yesterday (and posted about today).

And I'm absolutely in love with Out and About. Everything about this kitty is perfect :)

Just a word : PERFECTION !

The kitty is so adorable! He has so much personality! And I just love that first dress - so gorgeous!

I love Felix! Just look at his adorable little kitty nose! He very much reminds me of a cat I once had!

Hope your week has been going well Sam. It's the first day of July, so happy July! Only two more months until spring arrives. Yippeeee! Have a super Friday and the most wonderful weekend. Looking forward to seeing what drawings you come up with over this weekend. Stay warm! xo

yvonne is great. i am watching a TV programme on art deco - how fitting.

Yvonne did just blow me away. WOW such a sight and I think my jaw would drop as she entered the room and I would dream of someday making a similar entrance with that dress!! so pretty. i love the diversity in your work, cat portrait here, mermaid there and then a siren like this lady, bien fait!

wow, Yvonne's dress is just spectacular! And that kitten, so gorgeous. I always love coming to your blog and seeing your new works :)

Aww, Sam!! That cat looks amazing. I love the dresses on both of these ladies too! Such exciting designs. :)

Always the most amazing work Sam! Yvonne is very much inspiring... her dress, the colors and her expression. You're a genius and I definitely see a bit of a lunar eclipse in her.

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