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June 02, 2010


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Your mermaids are so lovely! And those little birds are adorable.

Those birds are so incredibly cute!
The mermaids are so beautiful too. I love your mermaid themes!

Btw, you're in a treasury I created!


Sam, I adore both of your new creations! I love the look on the little birdy faces and the little lobster floating over the mermaids is such an amazing touch. You're a genius!

Great addition to your mermaid series Sam!
Wonder do they drink decaffeinated coffee???
The birds...those faces my O'my adorable!

Sam, you've outdone yourself! "Quads" is just too cute. Those pudgy birdies have my heart.

And you're so clever to have given the mermaids pets. Gus and Phil the lobsters, tee-hee. I can't wait to see what comes next in this series :)

These are fabulous, darling!
Especially loving the birdies!


Both these drawings are lovely, Sam! Did I ever show you the pictures from when I dressed up as a mermaid for Halloween last year?? They're a little on the risque side, but it was very fun!!

And also I'm so glad I'm not the only teacher who had to constantly ask which twin was which. They told me I could usually tell by who wore earrings ... so I did!

Love the quads and their puffed up little bodies!

These are super Sam! The Quads drawing is so adorable...tubby feathery balls all snuggled up together like that. Sweeeeeet!

I'd love to hear all about the adventures of Hurtle! As I'm sure many others would! Bring it on!

Enjoy the rest of your week. The weekend is just around the corner now! xo

just lovely as always dear sam!

I am so happy you commented on my cake blog so now I know about your fabulous talent! I adore your drawings. I do. I do.

Now a follower.

i love your mermaids - they are great!

these are amazing. perfecto!!! i adore how you make birdies...sigh...cute wittle things.

These are both adorable, Sam! Love the fluffy little quadruplets and the fidgety lobsters. :)

Oh I love those birds!!!

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